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ic contact | entranceway.

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backdated to just shortly after ewaymas

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Are you all right? I wasn't certain what could have happened to you over there. Belle, I'm so sorry.

[it's not even clear what he's sorry about- the fight they had before she went over, not going to fetch her himself, not being able to protect her, BEING A MASSIVE PIECE OF SHIT. who even knows.]
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Not all of it is.

[but he'll concern himself with that momentarily.]

As did Regina. I heard he was... Well, quite the mirror opposite of me, I suppose.
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And I'm glad to have you back.

[there's a lengthy pause before he sends a second message, as if he has to steel himself to say it:]

There's something I need to give you. I think this is quite long overdue.
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I wasn't obligated when I gave it to you the first time, Belle. And I'm not now. I was... paralyzed with a fear that likely held no basis in truth. You may not have been yourself, but I took the words to heart, regardless.
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It's always been my worst habit. And one I think I was long overdue to break.
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[oh this bodes well...]

What is it?
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[ ... ]

I've heard rumors of a royal from a distant land who is capable of controlling ice and snow, but I assumed it was mostly hearsay.


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[well, that's terribly unnerving on a number of levels. gold doesn't respond for awhile, but when he does, it's not quite the expected indignation.]

Did she harm you?
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[well that's a small bit of relief. it doesn't really change the BELLE CONTROLLED HIM part, except he knows damn well he never really gave her the real dagger and that probably didn't change.

if anything, his deception earned Belle that, even if he was in no real danger of being rendered a slave to her will.]

I know better than anyone what desperate situations can do a person. I could never be angry with you for that.
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[of course gold can't properly chastise her for betraying his trust, knowing he's done it MULTIPLE TIMES, so he's left fumbling for a second.]

No. It's quite unlike you. However, I can trust that it won't happen again. I know things can be difficult- I can be difficult. I can't count the times you've forgiven me for my actions. And with that in mind, I can't hold this against you.

[nailed it.]